Sieglinde Hieronymus

Europaen Coordinator

After finishing university of agriculture, I went to California in 1993 where I met Judith Johnson. I had the opportunity to study with her two intensiv years. After returning to Germany I knew that my life journey leads me to work therapeutically with the usage of my hands. First I trained as a massage therapist and then I took the exam as a naturopath followed by many naturopathic courses. However, in recent years it crystallized that PNE is the method that works most deeply for me as a therapist and gives the client a maximum of autonomy. It is not a therapist who gives the client a diagnosis and a healing pill, but the client can realize himself and put the pieces of his life together – the therapist just facilitates the process. This increases the client’s confidence in their own perception.

Since 1999 I have been working as a body therapist in a psychosomatic clinic, where I was able to witness, how easy and fast unconscious emotions and constricting believes can be accessed and transformed by a body oriented therapy. Next to the clinic I´m working in my own healing practice.

Judith helped me to unfreeze out of a emotional field to which I didn´t have any words and which left me in a deep sad place. Through PNE - facilitated by empathic and highly intuitively questions - I was able to realize what had brought me into this place. Through that process I was able to find myself and live a life of joy and compassion.
Sieglinde Hieronymus


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