Psycho Neuro Energetics


PNE is a process that helps unwind
traumatic imprints held in the nervous system by using the healing power of the vagus nerve



PNE-facilitation helps to integrate emotions which had been too overwhelming to feel in the past and helps access erroneous beliefs often unconsciously running our lives.

Nervous System

The "felt sense" as the voice of the nervous system is used as an inroad to traumatic imprints. Discharging locked energies in the nervous system leads again to the possibility of resiliance and selfregulation.


Holding neurosomatic points help access a part of the brain that holds old traumatic memories. At the same time those points work deeply stabilizing in the process of discharging and reframing traumatic imprints.

A PNE-Session leads to a deep Regulation of the autonomic nervous system, which largely controls our physical and emotional wellbeing.

and therefore it leads to :

  • Release of stress and tightness
  • Activation in depression or chronic fatigue
  • Homöostasis through activation of the vagus nerve
  • Integration of experiences that were too overwhelming to feel
  • Transforming of limiting belief systems

In a PNE-Treatment….

….first will be checked out the ability of the autonomic nervous system to regulate. Personal everybody knows if one is stressed out, tight or exhausted. But you also can check out the status of the nervous system more precisely through the heart rate variability HRV or based on the tonus of special muscles and fascia connected with the vagus nerve. Through manuel treatment and special excersices the regulation of the autonomic nervous system will be initiated and the vagus nerve – which plays a major role – gets activated (read more …).

…..after that we will investigate what leads to the imbalance in the nervous system. It can be a stress response to a current overload or underlying old experiences which are locked up and left behind an unbalanced nervous system. Traumatic stressors can be  accidents, sexual or physical assault, emotional abuse, neglect, war, natural disasters, loss, birth trauma, or the corrosive stressors of ongoing fear and conflict.

“The Gift of Pain” by Judith Johnson (Devloper of PNE)