Dr. Johanna Götter

Dr. Johanna Götter is a PNE practitioner, landscape ecologist and facilitates workshops in free dance, voice- and bodywork.
About Johanna: “For the past years I’ve been drawn to experiencing and witnessing the incredibly rich and alive inner worlds which unfold when we open up our channels into our bodies and soul. I’ve also been fascinated to see what influences and limits our way of being and living our lives freely. Life has the potential of feeling so wonderful when we manage to transform some of these limitations. For me, PNE has been the most powerful tool in this transformation.“

Roman Wolczkow

Roman Wolczkow is a PNE practitioner und psychologist.

Gerlinde Buttler

Gerlinde Buttler is a PNE practitioner, eco-agricultural engineer, feminist-integrative body therapist, natural food and cosmetics consultant.
About Gerlinde: “
What fascinates me about PNE is the quick access to the subconscious, to the imprints and belief systems stored there from our childhood, from our parents to those of our ancestors. Through PNE a new space has opened up for me to not only become aware of these imprints, but also to transform them through new healing experiences. It is a deep joy for me to be able to serve the healing of the heart with PNE and to accompany others on the path to inner peace and reconciliation with oneself and the world: Heal yourself and the world changes.

Jana Six

Jana Six is a PNE practitioner, client-centred psychotherapist and hiking guide.
About Jana: “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. – This quote by Carl Rogers touches me deeply and informs me in my therapeutic work. This is complemented by my training as a PNE practitioner, which has felt like finding the missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle, as PNE also invites the body’s wisdom and the language of the nervous system. To me, this way of addressing trauma leads to very wholistic healing on our way of becoming and freeing ourself from what doesn’t serve us in the presence.“